Saturday, July 9, 2011

Days 18 - 30

Ok...this is getting ridiculous! I find myself avoiding this blog because I am so completely over the 30 Day Challenge. So in the interest of getting it done and freeing me up to write when I feel like it and about what I want I am just going to quickly do the last few...sans pictures (except one).

Day 18 - Your Biggest Insecurity - My biggest insecurity is my body...more weight. I am always working on it, but very little changes over the years. I see people find success with all these different weight loss strategies, but none of them ever seem to work for me. So...I keep trying...

Day 19 - A Letter - I have kept every letter that Bear has ever written me. I cherish every single one of them.

Day 20 - Somewhere You'd Love To Travel - I would love to be able to take a cruise.

Day 21 - Something You Wish You Could Forget - I wish I could forget all of the negative things she has said about me through the years. It would make it a lot easier to accept the change.

Day 22 - Something You Wish You Were Better At - Singing.

Day 23 - Your Favorite Book - My favorite book is ever changing. Right now it is probably The Hunger Games. I read the entire series a while ago, but am rereading it with Bubbles. It is just as good the second time.

Day 24 - Something You Wish You Could Change - My commute.

Day 25 - Your Day - I am having a lovely day with friends...watching movies and talking.

Day 26 - Something That Means A Lot To You - My family!

Day 27 - Yourself & A Family Member - This is supposed to be a picture...I would probably cheat and use a picture of myself with Bear, Bubbles & Animal...I can't pick just one!

Day 28 - Something You're Afraid Of - Losing my family.

Day 29 - Something That Can Always Make You Smile - The picture at the beginning of this post. It is of Animal and me in one of the lobbies of Great Wolf Lodge. We were having a wonderful time and couldn't have been happier, but we were so tired from a day of swimming and MagiQuesting that we both look a bit sad. Every time I see that picture it makes me smile!

Day 30 - Someone You Miss - I miss my Kimi every single day that we aren't together!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 17 - Something That Made A Huge Impact

Day 17 - A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently.

This here would be one of the main reasons that I have been MIA at The Endless Drama lately.

About a month and a half ago, Animal broke his arm trying on clothes (talk about lame! He doesn't even have a cool story to tell!).

While he was trying on a stack of jeans one night, he lifted his leg and got it caught in the arm of a chair. He tumbled over backwards, taking the chair with him. He landed palm down on his left hand and screamed. After Bear got home and looked him over, we decided I should take him to the ER. X-rays confirmed that he had broken both bones in his arm about 2 inches above the wrist.

This is where I need to point out that Animal is one of the most left handed people I have ever met. He does almost NOTHING with his right hand. This meant that he needed help with almost everything...from writing (he has an awesome teacher who did all of his classwork writing for him and gave us permission to write for him on his homework), to dressing, to eating, to basic bathroom functions. I swear he was more labor intensive over the last month and a half than he was as an infant!

Luckily, the cast is off and he has been cleared for normal activity again, so HOPEFULLY our lives can regain some semblence of normality again.

Day 16 - Someone Who Inspires You

Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you.

For this one, I have to go with Tim. He inspires me on so many levels.

He is a marine who live and breaths that life. He would gladly do anything necessary for his country.

He is my best friend's husband and loves her exactly how she needs to be loved.

He is a father who puts his whole heart into his sons and is raising them to be wonderful men.

He is my husband's best friend and is the type of friend that everyone needs in their life.

And he is my friend and can ALWAYS make me laugh (a very important trait in my opinion).

Day 15 - Something You Want to Do Before You Die

Day 15 - A picture of something you want to do before you die.

I REALLY want to go on a cruise before I die! Superficial? Yes, but there you go.

Day 14 - Someone You Could Never Live Without

Day 14 - A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without.

Kimi and I have only known each other for 7 years, but I feel closer to her than most people in my life. I thank God every day for bringing her into my life and though we live WAY too far away from each other these days, I know that she is always there if I need her. I can't imagine what my life would be like without her in it!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 13 - A Picture of Your Favorite Band or Artist

Day 13 - I am going with my favorite artist for this one. And I have two pictures because I couldn't POSSIBLY choose one over the other. This artist is just TOO talented!

Day 12 - A Picture of Something You Love

I love pigs. When I was a teenager, I BEGGED my parents to let me get a pet pot-belly When Bear and I first moved in together, I tried to convince him to let me get I even had a couple names picked out for my precious piggy. I would call him (I always assumed it would be a boy) either Ham-I-Am or Lord Bacon. Unfortunately, the people I love are hell-bent on keeping me from my destiny...sigh.