Saturday, July 9, 2011

Days 18 - 30

Ok...this is getting ridiculous! I find myself avoiding this blog because I am so completely over the 30 Day Challenge. So in the interest of getting it done and freeing me up to write when I feel like it and about what I want I am just going to quickly do the last few...sans pictures (except one).

Day 18 - Your Biggest Insecurity - My biggest insecurity is my body...more weight. I am always working on it, but very little changes over the years. I see people find success with all these different weight loss strategies, but none of them ever seem to work for me. So...I keep trying...

Day 19 - A Letter - I have kept every letter that Bear has ever written me. I cherish every single one of them.

Day 20 - Somewhere You'd Love To Travel - I would love to be able to take a cruise.

Day 21 - Something You Wish You Could Forget - I wish I could forget all of the negative things she has said about me through the years. It would make it a lot easier to accept the change.

Day 22 - Something You Wish You Were Better At - Singing.

Day 23 - Your Favorite Book - My favorite book is ever changing. Right now it is probably The Hunger Games. I read the entire series a while ago, but am rereading it with Bubbles. It is just as good the second time.

Day 24 - Something You Wish You Could Change - My commute.

Day 25 - Your Day - I am having a lovely day with friends...watching movies and talking.

Day 26 - Something That Means A Lot To You - My family!

Day 27 - Yourself & A Family Member - This is supposed to be a picture...I would probably cheat and use a picture of myself with Bear, Bubbles & Animal...I can't pick just one!

Day 28 - Something You're Afraid Of - Losing my family.

Day 29 - Something That Can Always Make You Smile - The picture at the beginning of this post. It is of Animal and me in one of the lobbies of Great Wolf Lodge. We were having a wonderful time and couldn't have been happier, but we were so tired from a day of swimming and MagiQuesting that we both look a bit sad. Every time I see that picture it makes me smile!

Day 30 - Someone You Miss - I miss my Kimi every single day that we aren't together!


  1. I love you! I am glad you posted something so you didn't feel stressed to complete it anymore :) You mean so much to me!