Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 05 - Favorite Memory

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory.

I want to start by saying that there was nothing in the rules that said you had to do 30 days in a row! So I am going to keep plugging away at this...SO THERE!

Ok...So I am blessed with a wonderful life full of tons of favorite memory fodder. I am also cursed with terrible long term memory (now my short term memory ROCKS...just ask Kimi...I can get any conversation back on track no matter how far off course we might get!).

My top 3 favorite memories of the past would be my wedding and the births of my two wonderful children. However, since I couldn't possibly put one of those above the others, I am going to go with something more recent that happens to include all of the people from those 3 memories.

Bear and I try to take a family vacation at least every other summer. We would love to go every year, but we have an older house that requires maintenance, so that isn't fiscally possible.

This summer was a vacation year and we decided to take a week long trip to Great Wolf Lodge - Williamsburg. This is the best vacation our family has ever taken. We were all so happy the whole time. There was minimal whining. We were there long enough to do everything that we wanted to do (and there is A LOT to do at GWL!!!) but not so long that we got tired of it. The kids are finally old enough to not only remember the trips we take, but to really enjoy and appreciate them.

I wish I had a picture of all 4 of us from this trip, but unfortunately, we never took one. So I decided to go with my favorite one of the kids together. They are playing Magiquest here and having the time of their lives!


  1. I love this pic! I can't wait to try that place, too. The stories you have told me about it make me think it really is the ultimate family vacation!

  2. It is SO much fun! I still think we should plan a weekend trip for both families!