Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Most days, I would tell you that I am a pretty decent mom. Not supermom or anything, but I think I do an ok job.

Tonight, though...I completely SUCK!!!

Tonight...I completely lost my cool...

Bubbles struggles with school. Not the learning part...she is actually quite smart and just kind of absorbs information from her surroundings. She struggles with staying on task, getting her work done in a timely manner, and focusing on her work. These problems also bleed over into her homework.

Tonight she was supposed to be doing read and responds. For this assignment, you read a short book or a chapter of a longer book and then write 3-5 sentences about what you read. We had already done the reading and a draft of the writing. All she had to do was copy the writing onto her homework form. She had 5 of these to do (so a maximum of 25 sentences). This took her 2 1/2 hours to accomplish. Then, when I was checking her work I found it riddled with errors. In one respond she had combined 3 sentences into one nonsensical mess. She had misspelled words that she has known how to spell since 1st grade. It was just ridiculous!

And I. Lost. It.

I yelled (something I do more often than I should). I berated. I made her cry...a lot. Then I sent her to bed (it was 10 PM after all). Then I sat here feeling awful.

Bear got home from a meeting at the fire station and I sent him up to talk to her. I told him that we had a fight and I was awful and mean, but I was still too angry to talk to her. He went up and did his best to fix the damage I had done.

After they talked, she came down to give me a kiss and hug, and I told her that I love her so very much. I will apologize for my behavior tomorrow, and being Bubbles, all will be forgiven. And I will do my best to be a better mom. And most days I will succeed.

But for now...I will just sit here feeling horrible....


  1. Yeah welcome to the club. Feel like I've had this going on for a few weeks. Ugh!

  2. You aren't horrible, you are human. And you admit your mistakes. That will speak more to her than anything. She will learn to say "I'm sorry" and mean it. You are an excellent mother. I would tell you if you weren't :)

  3. You two are too much alike. There is nothing to feel bad about. She knows what happens you push enough buttons. That is what I told her last night. All parents blow their top and last night was one of those times. Like you said all has been forgiven and no damage was done. Bear