Saturday, March 14, 2009

Roll Call!

Ok...So I guess before I go too much further, I should introduce the main players in my life and blog. I have decided to go the pseudonym route, at least until I slip up and start using their real names...cause I am slick like that. So here goes:

BEAR - This is my name for DH. If you know me IRL, you know why. Bear and I met in 7th grade chorus class. It wasn't a terribly friendly meeting, but we got over that quickly enough. We dated for 1 1/2 years in high school, suffered a very nasty break up and didn't speak again for the remainder of our school days. We spoke very briefly at our all night grad party, started really talking again a few months later and wound up back together about 6 months after graduation. We have been married for 11 years 9 months, and we are a perfect match. Bear is an accountant by trade, but his alter ego is a fire fighter. He volunteers for our county fire department and spends way too much time at the station. I complain a lot about this, but in all honesty, I couldn't be prouder of him.

BUBBLES - This is my 10 year old daughter. If she had her way, this would be her REAL name. Luckily, we do not give her that much say. She is your typical 10 year old girl (which is kind of a foreign land for me as I was the stereotypical tomboy growing up). She loves pink, lace and all other things girlie! She will be starting her 2nd season of slow-pitch softball soon and we are all very excited.

ANIMAL - This is my 7 year old son. I am not entirely taken with this name, but it is the best I could come up with. I may have to change it later. The name is actually quite fitting for him though. Bear came up with it because he is in cub scouts and all of the early dens are named after animals (or something...I am clueless when it comes to boy scouts). I think it fits him because he reminds me of Animal from The Muppets. Constant motion, very loud, often nonsensical...that is my boy!

KIMI - This is my very, very best friend in the entire world. She is also the person who got me started doing this. I am sure her name will pop up regularly here.

I also have 3 very old dog and 2 much younger cats. I am not feeling creative enough to give them new names, so we will just use the real ones. Winston (the dog), Banana, and Oreo.

A few other characters would be my parents, sister, and ILs. For them, we will go with the traditional Mom, Dad, Sis, MIL, DIL, BIL. that this is out of the way...stay tuned for things to actually get started around here.

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