Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Latest Thing In Dinner and A Show!

Or in this case lunch…

I didn’t feel like eating what Bear packed me for lunch today (yes, I am spoiled…he packs my lunch ever single day…in my defense, I am get both kids ready every morning!) so I told him we should meet somewhere for a lunch date. After much discussion about the options, we agreed to meet at Fuddruckers.

At the designated time, we met up, ordered our food and went to “our table” (we eat a Fudd’s fairly regularly). We had just returned to the table with our food when Bear noticed that there were some police officers in the parking lot and that they had someone in cuffs. I turned around in my seat, and we spent the rest of our meal watching the “show”.

They cuffed two people, brought in a drug dog to search the car, put one of the guys in the back of a cruiser and uncuffed the other one. I got up to get a “to go” box and as I was walking through the main part of the restaurant, I noticed that there were 3 more cops inside. One was talking to the manager and one of the cashiers. The other two were walking from table the table looking at each person and then moving on.

Just as I returned to our table, all three cops came into our area of the restaurant and approached a young man at the next table. They questioned him and admitted that he was with the other two guys (though he seemed completely oblivious to the whole situation unfolding outside…). They questioned him for a bit and we were able to discern that this was indeed about drugs and that the guy they had arrested was a longtime “person of interest” for them.

In the end, they only arrested the one guy. The other two claimed to barely know him and I guess that checked out cause they were sent on their way. They seemed genuinely upset, not just with the situation, but also with the guy that was arrested for dragging them into such a mess.

Shortly after the police team left, we left as well.

It was definitely the most interesting lunch date Bear and I have had in a long time!


  1. Yeah that was a pretty good lunch/show. I don't think it will ever be topped, LOL. Bear

  2. WOW! Oh the joys of druggies. :p How kind of them to give you a show!

  3. Thanks for the visit over to my page today. At least you beat me, I had no cops around :-)

  4. Bear: It will be tough, but maybe sushi will do the trick? (hint...hint...)

    Kimi: I know, right!

    Yummy Mammy: It was a fun visit. I have been snooping around in your archives...getting to know you.