Saturday, May 23, 2009

White Merlotz and Horror Movies

So Kimi is here and I am HAPPY!!! And maybe a little tipsy....

Kimi and I have a set game plan when we get together....drink wine (white merlot to be exact) and watch horror movies. We do not sway from this plan...EVER.

So far, we have had more wine than I care to discuss and we have watched Dorthy Mills and The Grudge 3. DM was a could have been good, but they dragged in on far too long. TG3 was AWESOME! We would like to watch another movie tonight, but the boys (Bear and Tim) wouldn't let us. Instead, we will be watching Underworld Evolution...a decent subtitute.

I am so very happy to have my two favorite people here right now!!!

And now I am going to go because:

1) Dinner is ready
2) It is time to watch the movie
3) I am a REALLY crummy typist when I am tipsy...


1 comment:

  1. Too bad we couldnt stay awake to finish it...we are so lightweight!