Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 10 - The Person You Do Weird Things With

Day 10 - A picture of the person(s) you do the most weird things with.

I am feeling inspired, so I decided to do two today.

As any of my friends can tell you, I am not shy about doing strange things. But my children just seem to bring the craziness out in me!

The stories of our weirdness are endless, but my favorite one was when we went to an amusement park with Bear and my sister. Late in the afternoon, a unexpected storm came out of nowhere and it was an absolute downpour! Everyone was running for cover. We joined a large group of people standing under a restaurant overhang. The storm dragged on for quite a while...showing no signs of letting up. The kids were getting restless and the wall the wall people was getting to me (I don't do crowds!). So...I decided it was high time I taught my kids to dance in the rain! There was no lightening to worry about, so we ran out into the middle of the walkway where a big puddle had accumulated and jumped and danced and made complete fools of ourselves. No one joined us, but everyone watching had big smiles on their faces as my babies giggled and squealed. We got completely soaked and had to stop in the souvenier shop for something dry to wear home, but we had THE BEST TIME!


  1. I adore the three crazy people in that picture :D You are a wonderful, amazing Mom and I know they will continue to have crazy moments that they will remember fondly throughout their lives! Just imagine the stories they are going to share with their own kids and grandkids one day :) Beautiful legacy!

  2. And we love you too! I DO hope that they remember all the crazy things that we do together. They are my favorite memories!

  3. You post a pict of the 3 of you in footy pj's and then talk about dancing in the rain?? Talk about weird!